BAPE 30th Anniversary

BAPE Celebrates 30 Years



6/11/20235 min read

BAPE 30th Anniversary

Celebrating a major milestone in streetwear history, A Bathing Ape (BAPE) marks its 30th anniversary in 2023. Known for its iconic camo prints and unique designs, the Japanese brand has continuously attracted fans worldwide, making it a staple in the world of urban fashion. As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations, BAPE has prepared special events and released limited edition products for its dedicated clientele.

One of the key highlights of the festivities is the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, which pays tribute to BAPE's roots and the city of Tokyo. Creatively fusing the brand's signature style with distinctive elements of Japanese fashion, the collection reflects the essence of the label's enduring appeal. Furthermore, BAPE has also launched signed and numbered limited edition prints, offering unique collector's items for avid fans.

To elevate the excitement surrounding the anniversary, BAPE has collaborated with iconic brands like adidas to create exclusive, limited edition pieces. These partnerships further solidify BAPE's importance within the streetwear community, demonstrating the lasting impact of the brand since its inception 30 years ago.

BAPE History

Keystone Moments

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, BAPE, also known as A Bathing Ape, has planned various events and collaborations, including BAPE GALLERY and BAPETAVERSE, to commemorate this milestone in Japanese streetwear history. The anniversary period starts in April and will feature special product releases and collaborative efforts.

Signature Motifs and Trademark Patterns

One of BAPE's hallmarks is its distinctive camouflage patterns, such as the honeycomb camo print and the woodland designs. Throughout the years, the brand has expanded its line of apparel and accessories incorporating these unique patterns. The SS23 collection is no exception, showcasing a variety of garments and accessories crafted in BAPE's signature style.

The iconic ABC pattern, a cornerstone of BAPE's identity, will also remain prevalent throughout the anniversary celebrations. This recognizable design can be found on various merchandise, from clothing items to limited edition prints.

Events and Special Products

The BAPE 30th Anniversary is accompanied by the release of the special set which includes an Ape Head T-shirt, frame magnet, and a pin badge, created by PINTRILL. This collector's item marks the beginning of a series of events and collaborations lined up for the anniversary festivities.

The brand also plans to unveil a SS23 collection, showcasing an assortment of new and innovative styles that pay homage to the brand's rich history. Alongside this collection, BAPE will commemorate its 30th Anniversary with new limited edition prints, individually signed and numbered.

Moreover, BAPE intends to cement its legacy through collaborations with other renowned brands, such as adidas. A BAPE x adidas Forum Low Collaboration is one such example of the brand's plans for the future.

As BAPE celebrates its 30th anniversary, fans and enthusiasts of the brand can look forward to a year filled with exciting events, collaborations, and exclusive merchandise, all centered around the iconic motifs and patterns that have defined the company's identity for the past three decades.

Collaborations and Releases

Adidas Collaboration

BAPE celebrated its 30th anniversary with an Adidas collaboration, continuing the partnership that first united the brands in 2003. The collaboration resulted in the BAPE x Adidas Forum Low sneaker, which was released on May 20th, featuring BAPE's signature camo pattern alongside Adidas' iconic three stripes logo.

Thermography Shark Hoodie

One notable release for BAPE's 30th anniversary was their innovative Thermography Shark Hoodie, a distinctive piece in the celebratory collection. The hoodie featured a thermographic shark print that changes colors, showcasing the Japanese brand's dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technology in their designs.

Cookie Camo Varsity Jacket

A standout piece in BAPE's anniversary collection was the Cookie Camo Varsity Jacket, which combined a contemporary twist on the classic varsity silhouette with BAPE's recognizable camouflage patterns. The jacket encapsulates the spirit of both BAPE's streetwear roots and its desire for innovation.

Bape Sta Sneaker

As part of the anniversary celebrations, BAPE also released a special edition of their popular Bape Sta sneaker. This edition featured the brand's famous ape logo alongside the BAPE®︎ logo monogram, paying homage to its history while still maintaining a fresh and modern design.

Gradiation Series

The Gradiation Series was another key release in the 30th-anniversary collection. This series took inspiration from retro film shooting techniques and showcased a unique color gradient effect on a range of apparel and accessories. This innovative approach further highlights BAPE's dedication to pushing creative boundaries in the streetwear industry.

With these collaborations and releases, BAPE successfully marked its 30th anniversary by staying true to its original essence while embracing new design approaches and partnerships.

BAPE Stores and Events

Harajuku Store

The BAPE 30th Anniversary celebration includes special releases at various BAPE stores, including the Harajuku Store. A unique Ape Head Tee shirt set featuring the store camouflage has been designed to commemorate the event. There will also be an exclusive collaboration with Adidas, showcasing a BAPE x Adidas Forum with the "30th Anniversary" moniker, priced at $180. The special collection can be purchased at the store or through the BAPE website.

Madison Avenue Store

Similarly, the Madison Avenue Store will also offer its exclusive Ape Head Tee set, priced at $149. Alongside these limited-edition tees, the BAPE® logo monogram tracksuit and football jersey can be found in-store. Customers can also access the products on the store's website or through the Adidas' CONFIRMED app.


In addition to the in-store offerings, the BAPE 30th Anniversary celebration extends to the virtual realm with the unveiling of the BAPETAVERSE. This digital space will showcase more exclusive collaborations and events for fans to participate in. Keep an eye out for updates, photos, and sneaker news as they become available.

BAPE Lifestyle and Culture

Apparel and Home Goods

A Bathing Ape, commonly known as BAPE, has been a prominent player in the streetwear industry for decades, with its 30th anniversary in April 2023. Known for its iconic camouflage print and Ape Head logo, the Japanese brand offers a wide variety of apparel, including the popular Ape Head Tee Set and Busy Work Pants. Additionally, BAPE transcends clothing boundaries with home goods and collectible toys that cater to its loyal customers' preferences.

The brand also explores collaborations, such as partnering with Adidas to release the BAPE x Adidas Campus 80s, featuring BAPE's distinctive green and blue camouflage print, Ape Head tongue, and lace dubrae. Both men's and ladies' collections witness constant evolution to resonate with streetwear enthusiasts worldwide.

Music and Art

From its inception at the NOWHERE store in Harajuku, BAPE has consistently pushed the boundaries of streetwear and art. The brand values its relationship with the music industry, providing support and branding to various artists throughout the years. Furthermore, BAPE has creatively integrated its logos and designs into the music and art scene, often collaborating with musicians to craft limited edition collections.

A testament to BAPE's commitment to art is the release of limited edition signed and numbered prints commemorating its 30th anniversary, merging streetwear and artistic expression seamlessly.

Japanese Culture Range

Born in Tokyo, BAPE prides itself on celebrating Japanese culture through its designs and collections. The Spring/Summer 2023 (30th Anniversary) collection pays homage to Tokyo, reflecting the city's vibrant spirit in its apparel line. The brand's motto – "a bathing ape in lukewarm water" – represents how BAPE values comfort, while its products like the BAPE Boyscout Shirt and Balaclava Hoodie cleverly incorporate Japanese culture and aesthetics into streetwear designs.

BAPE has shaped streetwear and lifestyle by fusing apparel, home goods, music, and art with Japanese culture, appealing to a global audience. As the brand celebrates its 30th anniversary, it continues to push the boundaries of fashion and culture while staying true to its origin and core values.